Viktor Yanukovych — ukrainian ex-president`s home Mezhyhirya. Museum of corruption


Everybody heard about Viktor Yanukovych, escaped to Russia Ukrainian ex-president. He knowed about Luxury everything!

Mezhyhirya — it`s not only home… It`s home located in beautiful park on riverside with lakes and fountains. Besides home in this park are located zoo, boat with bar, classic car`s museum, golf, etc.

Home also knowed as Honka — it`s main home in Mezhyhirya. It`s pure luxury inside!

Mezhyhirya has everything for rich man`s living. You can walk in beautiful park, in forest, on riverside. You can go to own zoo to feed ostriches.

You also have everything for meetings with friends. Own bar, BBQ. In a few kilometers you can hunt with your friends.

What else do you need? If you need else something — you can get it, build or use near your home 🙂

Now Mezhyhirya is nationalized and open for everybody. Ukrainians like to make wedding photo sessions there. A new families get really beautiful photos.

Mezhyhirya is located near Kyiv, capital of Ukraine. When Viktor Yanukovych was president, every morning and evening some roads from his home to administration could be closed. For his safety. And roads to his home was very quality, one of best in Ukraine. Most ukrainian roads are much worse…

Some part of his luxury toys Yanukovych taked to his new home in Russia. But most part he`s leaved. Else something was stolen. And visiting Mezhyhirya now, you are understanding — home was else more luxury!