Lowered Rolls-Royce for Drift

When you are hearing about Rolls-Royce — you are thinking about luxury, comfort, silence inside car,… 100% you are not thinking about power, speed, dynamic and… drift… But Rolls Royce for drift already is built in United Kingdom.

Rolls-Royce for Drift
Rolls-Royce for Drift

Classic body was painted into matt black. After it Rolls was stanced and got LSD for drift. Interior was remade too.

Rolls Royce drift

Tuning Rolls-Royce it`s something new, but RR for drift it`s really new wave…

Drift Rolls Royce

It`s amazingly how cool looks Royce after his rebuild. He looks awesome in his new look! And be sure — his owner use all his capabilities.

Drift Rolls Royce, interior