BMW i8 — when you have money and try to care nature

What to do if you have money and want to show your care about nature? A few years ago all that you could was to buy Toyota Prius. Now you can buy a lot of hybrid or electric cars.

Electric cars are more ecological. And at least Tesla has good range on one charge. Tesla is speedy, interior isn`t bad too. But… What about design? Front is like some Mazda. Back is like Jaguar. Typical modern design… Nothing especial. Better than Prius, but not more.

When you are looking to BMW i8 you are understanding — it`s pure future! Yes, i8 has flaws. But remember how people imagined future 50 or 100 years ago. i8 is closer to all their imagines.

Doors, style… At first i couldn`t believe — BMW really produces this car! So untypical car it was.

BMW i8 isn`t ideal, but it is beginning of ecological future.